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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

wool It. 8 stone of wool sold for 14s the stone £5 12s 0d, besides of Entwisely for 9 fleeces 9s, and of William Smalshaw 3s 4d 6 4 4
Besides Mr. Peter Marsh owes me for his wool of 80 sheep he bought in Wales but hath not pd for though they were shorn here.
geese Itm. I rec. in kind 131 geese valued at 6d a piece 3 5 6
pigs Itm. 20 tith pigs twixt Easter & Michaelmas, besides sow eaten 1 0 0
Hemp & flax Itm. for tith hemp & flax wch my wife sold to Wm. Wakfield 1 6 8
rents of mannor Itm. for rents of Wigan mannor for the half-year ending at Midsomer, 1616 16 13 2
It. for rents of Wigan mannor due at Xmas, 1616. Mrs. Massey received them, for her husband lived till 16th

January, 1615-16.

Corn of Haigh Itm. for tith corne of Haigh, for wch Mr. Bradshaw did first usually pay but 11 nobles, and afterward was sued by Mr. fleet wood who receaved it into his barn in kind 7 yeares before his death, and then let it to old Mr. Bradshaw for £10 yearely, wch continued all Dr. Massey's life, but I demanded it in kind and upon entreaty of Sr Peter Leigh & old Sr Tho. Gerard I agreed wth Mr. Bradshaw 8o Septemb: in John hyde's house in Wigan that he should enjoy all his tithes in haigh upon renunciation of all right thereto but by my