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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

wool //. 8 stone of wool sold for 14^ the stone £^ 12* o«*, besides of Entwisely for 9 fleeces 9^, and of William Smalshaw

4 *** *•• ••• ••• ••• ^4 4 

Besides Mr. Peter Marsh owes me for his wool of 80 sheep he bought in Wales but hath not p^ for though they were shorn here. geese Itm, I rec. in kind 131 geese valued at ^ a piece 3 5 ^ pigs Ittn, 20 tith pigs twixt Easter & Michael- mas, besides sow eaten 100 Hemp & flax Itm, for tith hemp & flax w<^^ my wife sold to Wm. Wakfield 168 rents of muinor Itni, for rents of Wigan mannor for the half-year ending at Midsomer, 1616 16 13 2 //. for rents of Wigan mannor due at Xmas, 1 61 6. Mrs. Massey received them, for her husband lived till i6th January, 1615-16. Com of Haigh Itm, for tith corne of Haigh, for w<* Mr. Bradshaw did first usually pay but 1 1 nobles, and afterward was sued by Mr. fleet wood who receaved it into his barn in kind 7 yeares before his death, and then let it to old Mr. Bradshaw for ;^io yearely, w<* con- tinued all Dr. Massey's life, but I demanded it in kind and upon entreaty of S^ Peter Leigh & old S^ Tho. Gerard I agreed w**» Mr. Brad- shaw 8° Septemb : in John hyde's house in Wigan that he should enjoy all his tithes in haigh upon renuncia- tion of all right thereto but by my C c