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Rennick, Lt. Col. Albert De Clancy, Bar-at-Law, I.C.S. (retired); joined service, 1864; arrived in India, 1886; served as Assistant Commissioner in the Punjab, 1870-79; Cantonment Magistrate, 1880; Deputy Commissioner, 1889; Consul for Pondicherrv and Karikal, 1901.

Renny, Col. Sidney Mercer, R.A., C.I.E. (1911); Director of Ordnance Factories, Woolwich, Since 1906; joined service, 1880; transferred to Ordnance Department in India, as Assistant Superintendent, Gun-Carriage Factory, Fatehgarh, 1888; Assistant Superintendent, Foundry and Shell Factory, Cossipore, 1891; Superintendent, 1899; Ordnance Consulting Officer for India, 1905; Inspr.-Genl. of Ord. Factories in India 1906; Served in Burmese War, 1885-6. Address: Ordnance Factories, Woolwich.

Renouf, Winter Charles, I.C.S. , Director of Land Records and Agriculture, Punjab: educ: Victoria College, Jersey, and Christ Church, Oxford; passed I.C.S., 1887; joined service as Assistant Commissioner in the Punjab, 1889; District Judge, 1899; Deputy Commissioner 1901; Director of Land Records and Agriculture, 1903. Address: Lahore, India.

Renton, Hon’ble Mr. Justice, A. Wood, M.A., L.L.B., Chief Justice, Suprenie Court, Ceylon; b. 1861; s. of Rev. John Renton; educ: Glasgow Academy, and Edinburgh University; won the Rectorial prize; called to Bar, 1885; appointed Puisne Judge, Supreme Court, Mauritius, 1901; Judge, Supreme Court, Ceylon, 1905. Publications: “Law and Practice of Lunacy”, etc. Address: Colombo, Ceylon; also No. 1, Garden Court Temple, E.C.

Rewah, H.H. Maharaja Venkat Raman Singh Bahadur, G.C.S.I.; b. 1876; s. of H.H. Maharaja Raghuraj Singh Bahadur, G.C.S.I.; m. the Princess of Dumraon and Rutlam and daughter of Parihar Thakur in Oudh; educ: at Rewah; invested with full powers, 1895; combated two severe famines which strained largely the resources of the State; offered Rs. 5,000 for the purchase of vaseline for the use of Indian troops in the front suffering from frost-bite, 1915. Heir: Maharajkumar Prince Gulab Singhji; b. 1904. Recreations: Shootmg, Army Drill. Address: Rewah, Central India.

Reynolds, Charles Henry, C.S.I. (1897), M.I.C.E., Indian Telegraph Department (retired); joined service as Assistant Superintendent of Telegraphs. 1868; Personal Assistant to Director-General of Telegraphs, 1870 and 1872; in charge of Famine Division, 1874; Superintendent of Telegraphs, 1886; represented India at the Telegraph Conference, Berlin, 1885; Director of Telegraph Constructions, 1889; Director, Traffic Branch, 1892; Deputv Director General, 1894; retired; 1898.

Reynolds, George Bernard, M.I.C.E.;., M.I.M.E., M.I.S.I., Indian P.W.D, (retired); joined service and was posted to State Railway Branch, 1875; transferred to Loco. Department, 1879-91; appointed as Executive Engineer and Manager. Warora Colliery, 1891; retired, 1897.

Reynolds, Herbert John, C.S.I. (1885), I.C.S. (retired); s. of late S. Reynolds; b. 1832;