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Umrao Singh.

1857, obtained a Jaghir in the Gorakhpur District with a pension of Rs. 4,800 a year; visited Europe twice, and has had the honour of being presented to the Prince and Princess of Wales (now King Emperor and Queen-Empress); annual income, Rs. 50,000, of which Rs. 40,000 is from the estate in the district of Gorakhpur. Address: Gorakhpur, Punjab.

Upcott, Lieut.-Col. Sir Frederick Robert, K.C.V.O. (1906), C.S.I. (1900), M.Inst.C.E.; b. 1847; s. of late J. S. Upcott, Cullompton, Devon; educ: Sherborne School; King’s College, London; entered Public Works Department India, 1868; engaged on the Construction of BengalAssam Railway as Engineer-in-Chief, 1891; Consulting Engineer for Railways to Madras Government and Joint Secretary to Government. P.W.D., 1893; Director of Railway consruction in India, 1894-1897; Director-General of Railways in India, 1896; Secretary in the Public Works Department, India, 1898-1901; Government Director of Indian Railways, 1901-1904; Chairman, Board of Supervision, Indian Railways, 1904-08; Chairman, East Indian and Assam Bengal Railways; retired, 1908; m. 1878, Jessi, d. of Harold Turner, Address: C/o Cooks, Biddulph, Bankers, Charing Cross, S.W. Clubs: Constitutional, East India United Service.

Urquhart, Rev. William Spence, M.A., Editor, ' Calcutta Review,' Calcutta; s. of Rev. Robert Urquhart; b. Southampton, 1887; educ: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Gottingen; M.A., with 1st class Honours in Mental Philosophy, 1897; 1st class Honours in Theology, 1902; came out to India as Professor of Philosophy, Duff College, Calcutta, 1902; Senior Professor of Philosophy; Scottish Churches College; Editor, the “Calcutta Review”, and Editor of the Scottish Churches College Magazine; m. Margaret, d. of Rev. M. MacAskill, 1905. Publication: Biography of Alexander Tomamy. Address: Scottish Churches College, Calcutta, India.

Urs, Kantaraj M. Narasaraj, (see Kaniaraj Urs).

Urs, Lingaraj H., Durbar Bakshi,. Mysore; b. 1855; educ: Royal School, Mysore, under Colonel Mallenson and Sir James Gordon, Guardians of H.H. the late Maharaja; first appointed as Supervisor of Palace Cattle and Gajasala Departments, 1880; also Officer-in-waiting on the Royal family, in addition to his duties; appointed Durbar Bakshi. 1895. Address: The Palace,. Mysore.

Urs, Nanjundaraj H. Lokahitaishi; Superintendent, Amrut Mahal Department, Mysore; b. Mysore, 1858; educ: at the Mysore Royal School under Colonel Malleson; joined the State service as Attache, Military Department at Bangalore, 1880; transferred in the same capacity to Mysore, 1885; Officiating Revenue Assistant Commissioner, 1888; confirmed, 1891; was in charge of Muzrai, and general duty; Vice-President, Mysore Municipality, 1894; special duty for assessing houses to be demolished in Mysore, 1900; Superintendent, Amrut Mahal Department, 1902;