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80; Soudan Expedition, 1885; became Brevet-Colonel and retired, 1889; High Sheriff and County Alderman for Devonshire, 1902; Fellow, Royal Horticultural Society; Honorary Colonel, Devonshire Regiment. Address: Rock House, Chudleigh, S. Devon.

Walker, Earnest Octavious, C.S.I. (1891), C.I.E. (1891), M.I.E.E., Superintendent of Telegraphs; s. of late C. J. Walker of Teignmouth, S. Devon; b. 1850; entered Indian Telegraph Department, 1871; served with Chin Lushai Expedition, 1890; in charge of Telegraphs with Chittagong Column; Superintendent of Telegraphs, Ceylon, 1895; retired, 1898; m. Rossa, d. of late Rev. Henry Charles Deshon of Teignmouth, 1881. Publications: A Romance of Ceylon; articles on Earth Currents in the Journal of Electrical Engineers. Address: 77, Iverna Court, Kensington, W.

Walker, Sir George Casson, K.C.S.I., (1911); C.S.I. (1906); Assistant Minister of Finance, Hyderabad, since 1902; b. 1854; s. of late Rev. Joseph Walker of Great Billing, Northampton; educ: Winchester College, and New College, Oxford; entered I.C.S., 1878; Assistant Political Officer, Kabul, 1878-80; Assistant Commissioner, Punjab, 1884; Under Secretary (Finance and Commerce Department), Government of India, 1886; Settlement Officer, 1888; Director of Agriculture, Punjab, 1892; Deputy Commissioner, 1892; Commissioner of Excise, 1895; Officiating Revenue Commissioner, 1901; Financial Adviser to H.H. the Nizam of Hyderabad, 190102; m. Fanny (who was decorated with K.I.H., 1910), d. of Samuel Coates of Portuma, 1884; retired, 1911. Address: 55, Wilbury Road, Hove, Sussex. Club: East India United Service.

Walker, George Herbert Dacres, C.I.E., (1901), B.A., I.C.S. (retired); s. of Rev. Joseph Walker of Great Billing; b. 1845; educ: Winchester and New College, Oxford; joined I.C.S., in the United Provinces; became Assistant Secretary to Government, U.P., 1874; Undersecretary (P.W.D.), Government of India, 1882; Examiner of Accounts, Assam, 1884: Under Secretary (General Branch), Government of India, 1886; retired, 1903; Address: 6, Salisbury Road, Hove, Sussex.

Walker, Major George Kemp, C.I.E. (1913); Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons: Major, Indian Civil Military Department; Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department, Bombay Presidency; b. 1872; o.s. of late William Alfred Walker; educ: Warwick School; Royal Veterinary College, London; Commission, Army Veterinary Department, 1894; transferred to Indian Civil Veterinary Department, 1897; Assistant Bacteriologist to the Government of India, 1897; Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department, Punjab, and North-West Frontier Province, 1901; Chief Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department, Punjab, 1906; Major, Punjab Light Horse (Volunteer Cavalry, India); Professor, Punjab Veterinary College, 1912. Publications: papers to Scientific journals, etc. Address: Poona. Clubs: United Service, Simla; Punjab, Lahore.