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Darling Downs, Queensland and Edinburgh; b. 1858: educ: Somersetshire, Bath and Cooper’s Hill; entered the P.W.D., Madras, 1890; Engineer, Madras Harbour Trust, 1831 and 1893; Assistant to Chief Engineer, Irrigation Department, and Under Secretary to Government of Madras, 1896-1900; again Chief Engineer, Madras Harbour Trust, 1902-05; Chief Engineer, Irrigation Department and Joint Secretary to Government of Madras, 1905; Member, Legislative Council, Madras; President, Madras Sanitary Board; Fellow, University of Madras, 1904; m. Mary Phoebe, d. of Colonel Edward Alfred Birch, M.D., I.M.S., (retired), 1888. Address: c/o H.S. King & Co., Pall Mall, S.W. Clubs: East India United Service, Madras, Ooty.

Wilson, Captain George, C.I.E. (1905), Director of Marine Department; entered Royal Indian Marine, 1878; Captain, 1900; Port Officer, Bassein, 1882; Assistant Director, Royal Indian Marine, 1883; Port Officer, Rangoon, 1890; Port Officier, Bombay; Officiating Director of Marine, 1896; Deputy Director of Marine, 1900; retired, 1905.

Wilson, Right Hon’ble Sir Guy Douglas Arthur Fleetwood, Kt. (1902), P.C. (1914), K.C.B. (1905), K.C.M.G. (1908), G.C.I.E. (1911), Financial Member, Government of India (retired); s. of late Captain Fleetwood Wilson of the 8th Hussars; b. 1851; educ: privately; joined service in the Paymaster-General’s Office, 1870; transferred to War Office, 1883; proceeded to Egypt as Secretary in Sir C. Rivers Wilson’s Mission, 1876; Assistant Private Secretary to Secretary of State for War, 1883-85; Resident Clerk, War Office, 1885-86; Private-Secretary to Financial Secretary to War Office, 1886; Member of Committee on Army Reorganisation, 1887; Financial Adviser to Commander-in-Chief, South Africa; Italian Examiner, Military and Educational Department; Assistant Private Secretary to successive Secretaries of State for War, 1888-93 ; Director, Army Clothing Department, 1893-98; Assistant Under Secretary of State for War; Director-General, Army Finance; Member, Pensions Commutation Board 1898-1908; Governor, Duke of York’s School, 1907-08: Financial Member, India, 1908; Vice-President of the Council of the Governor-General, India. Address: Chantrey House, Eccleston Street, Eaton Square, S.W. Clubs: Travellers, Marlborough, Turf.

Wilson, Sir James, M.A., K.C.S.I., (1909), C.I.S. (1901). Superintendent, Board of Agriculture; s. of Rev. John Wilson, D.D. of Dunning, Perthshire; b. 1853; educ: Perth Academy, Edinburgh University; and Balliol College, Oxford; entered I.C.S. in the Punjab, 1875; became Deputy Commissioner, 1800; Officiating Chief Secretary to Government, 1898; Settlement Commissioner, and M.L.C., Punjab, 1899; Secretary to Government of India, 1903; Financial Commissioner, Punjab, 1907; retired, 1910; Superintending Inspector, Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, 1911; m. Annie Campbell, d. of Rev. Norman Macleod, D.D., 1888. Publications: Gazetteer of Shahpur District; Grammar of Western Punjabi; Settlement re-