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Bapu Rao.

lity since 1886; Member of the Committees of the Morris College and Neill City School; Secretary to the local branch of the Famine Relief Charitable District Committee of 1896-97 and 1899-1909. Address: Nagpur, C. P.

Barade, Dhondiba Hanumantrao, J. P., Rao Bahadur (1898): born, 1841; is a descendant of the Bhonsle family of Bhuinj and is related to many of the Mahratta Ruling Chiefs in the Deccan including that of the House of Gwalior; commenced life as a building contractor, winning the approbation of Civil Engineers and Architects, by his integrity and capability; has undertaken and carried out many important Government works including the well-known "Tata Palace"; particularly skilled in Hindu architecture as is testified in the pile of buildings at Wanowri, built for H. H. the Maharaja of Gwalior; Justice of the Peace, 1892. Certificate of Merit, 1899. Address: Bombay.

Barber, Dr. C. A. M.A., D.Sc., F.L.S., Sugar Cane Expert with the Government of Madras since 1913; born, 1863; Government Botanist, Madras, 1898: Address: Coimbatore, Madras Presidency.

Barber, Hon’ble Mr. Edward Fairless; Elected non-official Member representing the planting Community, Legislative Council, Madras,1913.

Barbhya, Moolji Chawanidas: born at Mangalore, 1850; early education at the Gokuldas Tejpal Charity School; joined the Bombay Elphinstone College; passed the Attorney's examination, 1872; distinguished himself in the Ahmadabad conspiracy case; Municipal commissioner of Bombay (1881-89). Address: Malabar Hill, Bombay.

Barbour, Sir David Miller, K.C.M.G.; K.C.S.I. Retired I.C.S.; born, 1841; son of late Miller Barbour of Calkill, Ireland; educated at Queen's College, Belfast; went to India, 1863; served in Lower Bengal, until he became Under Secretary, Financial Department, Government of India, 1872; Accountant-General, Bengal; Secretary to Government of Bengal, Revenue Department, 1882; Member of the Bengal Legislative Council, 1882; Secretary to the Government of India, Financial Department, 1882; C.S.I., 1887; Member of the Royal Commission in England on gold and silver, 1886; Financial Member of the Supreme Council, 1888-1893; K.C.S.I., 1889; Member of the Indian Currency Commission. 1898: K.C.M.G., 1899; Member and Chairman of several important Royal Commissions and Committees on the currency and finance of other countries, and on questions involving great financial considerations. Publication: The Theory of Bimetallism. Address: Tiltwood, Crowley Down, Sussex and the Athenaeum. East India United Service Club.

Barna, Hon. Mr. M. C.:Member, Assam Legislative Council, 1912. Address: Shillong.

Barna, Hon’ble Prabhat Chandra, Raja of Gowripur; Member, Legislative Council of Assam; Personal title of Raja conferred, 1901. Address Gowripur, Goalpara, Assam.