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The Indian Dispossessed

Catholics, and their attachment to the reverend father, who is pleased to act as their spiritual as well as temporal teacher, is very great. . . .

"The only violations of law and order are committed by thoughtless young men and renegades from distant reservations."

And the State Superintendent adds: "At the annual fair of the Oregon State Agricultural Society, held in 1865, two first premiums and one second premium were awarded to these Indians for agricultural products; and I may add that I know, from personal observation, that products of similar or even superior quality are by no means uncommon among them."

A truly pastoral community. Their number is given as seven hundred and fifty-nine, and thirty-one scholars are enrolled in the school. Eighty-five hundred of their horses and cattle graze upon the reservation.

But the Superintendent's report to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs indicates that the white men are beginning to repent of their "treaty" with these Indians:

"The superior quality of the land, and its location on a great thoroughfare, convenient to the goldmines of Powder River, Boisé Basin, Oughee, and other points, of course make it attractive to whites. There are constant attempts to encroach upon it, constant attempts, under various pretexts, to locate