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Note 1. Verse 5. According to the Hindus, the Buddhists and Jains, the subtle results of all the actions of a man accompany the soul after the death of the body, and are the cause of his being born again into the world. It is a misery to be born again and again as every new incarnation postpones the moment of supreme bliss. Good deeds done with attachment carry the germs of future birth as much as evil deeds. See Preface p. xviii et seq.

Note 2. Verse 9. The eight attributes are, (i) According to Shaiva theology: (1) Non-dependence on anything external, (2) Possession of a pure body, (3) Possession of uncreated intelligence, (4) Omniscience, (5) Capacity to transcend all bounds without exertion, (6) Infinite mercy, (7) Omnipotence, and (8) Unlimited joy ; and

(ii) According to Jain theology: (1) Infinite knowledge, (2) Infinite vision, (3) Infinite energy, (4) Infinite joy, (5) Indescribability, (6) Beginninglessness, (7) Agelessness, (8) Deathlessness.