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step by step, with a stiff gait and hard sound. On the swift current of the river, flooded by the heavy rain a faint streak of moon light was visible.

The skeleton descended to the river, and Bhusan, following it, placed one foot in the water. The moment he touched the water, he woke with a start. His guide was no longer to be seen. Only the trees,on the opposite bank of the river, were standing still and silent as if astonished. Starting from head to foot Bhusan slipped and fell headlong into the river. From the midst of dreams he had stepped, for a moment only, into the borderland of waking life—the next moment to be plunged into eternal sleep"

Having finished his story the schoolmaster was silent for a little. Suddenly, the moment he stopped, I realised that except for him the whole world had become silent and still. For a long time I also remained speechless, and in the darkness he was unable to see from my face what was its expression

At last he asked me, " Don't you believe this story?"

I asked, " Do you>"

He said, "No—and I can give you tow reasons why. In the first palce Dame nature does not write novels, she has enough to so without all that" I interrupted him and said,, "And in the second place, my name happens to be Bhusan Shala."

The schoolmaster, without the least sign of shame, said, " I guessed as much. And waht was your wife's name?'

I answered, " "Nritya Kali"

Translated by W.W. Pearson