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(105 West 40th Street)


*No. I.— City Hall to Wall Street, 20 pp., 2 cuts, 4 maps; 10 cents.
*No. II.— Greenwich Village and Lispenard's Meadows, 20 pp., 4 maps, 10 cents.
*No. III.— The Bowery and East Side, 16 pp., 3 maps; 5 cents.
*No. IV.— Central Park to Kingsbridge, 20 pp., 5 maps; 5 cents.
*No. V.— The 19th Century City; 10th Street to 125th Street; 36 pp., 5 maps; 10 cents.
*No. VI.— Fraunces' Tavern, 12 pp., 1 map, 3 cuts; 5 cents.
*No. VII.— South of Wall Street, 32 pp., 4 maps, 6 cuts; 10 cents.
*No. VIII.— Historic Brooklyn, Part I, 12 pp., 4 maps, 2 cuts; 10 cents.
*No. IX.— Historic Bronx, 44 pp., 9 maps, 3 cuts; 10 cents.
*No. X.— Historic Richmond, 24 pp., 3 maps; 10 cents.
*No. XI.— Historic Queens, 36 pp., 5 maps; 10 cents.
*No. XII.— Historic Brooklyn, Part II; 28 pp., 7 maps; 10 cents.
Milestones and the Old Post Road, 12 pp., 5 cuts; 10 cents.


Includes the above Excursion Leaflets, several appendices and an alphabetical index; 450 pp., 70 maps and 46 illustrations. Cloth, small i2mo, $1.50 net; post-paid, $1.60. Revised 1913.

*Teachers' Handbook: Outlines of a Course of Study in Local Geography and History (revised, 1908); 25 cents.

*Graphic Views of Government: to illustrate the relations of our National, State and City Governments; 16 pp., 6 plates; 10 cents.

 N. Y. City Government Leaflets: 10 cents each. No. 1. Municipal Government in N. Y. State.

*Hudson-Fulton Leaflet: containing part of the log of Robert Juet: price 10 cents.

Historical Souvenir Postals: 10 cents per set of five.

Club Game—(revised 1909); an historical game of cards, containing many facts about New York City History (played like the game of Authors), 25 cents.

*City History Illustrations: 68 pictures of the famous men, buildings and events of local history: 35 cents per set.

*Civics Hand Book: Local Civics for Club Leaders; 15 cents.

*Public School Teachers are advised that they can secure the above starred publications for themselves and their classes through the Supply List of the Board of Education (7402-15; 7996).


Papers on Historic New York, 24 Monographs on Local History, published in the interest of the City History Club of New York. Edited by Maud Wilder Goodwin, Alice Carrington Royce, and Ruth Putnam: 10 cents each.