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3 tablespoons sugar. Stir and let cook slowly till thickened. When the custard is done add the stiffly beaten egg whites, take from fire and beat until cool; then add ½ teaspoon vanilla extract. If lump or pearl tapioca is used it should be soaked for several hours. If the top of this pudding is dotted with crabapple jelly it adds much to the appearance and flavor.—Mrs. Mandel Z.

Mock Whipped Cream.

A little powdered sugar added to the juice of 1 orange then to the stiffly beaten froth of 1 egg makes a good invalid dessert, also a good substitute for whipped cream.—Mrs. O. Kleppisch.

Gelatine Desserts

Chocolate Bavarian Cream.

Soak ½ box gelatine in 1 cup cold water ½ hour. Whip 1 pint of cream and set on ice. Boil 1 pint of milk and add 2 ounces grated chocolate and the gelatine. When mixed take from stove and add ½ cup of sugar and vanilla to flavor. When cold add cream stirring carefully. Pour in mold and set on ice to harden.—Mrs. R. Baur.

Maple Bavarian Cream.

One cup maple syrup, ¼ package gelatine, 1 cup chopped walnuts, 1½ cups heavy cream, 3 eggs (separate yolks from whites) and ¼ cup cold water. Boil syrup and pour it gradually on the beaten eggs. Beat thoroughly and cook over hot water until thick. Add gelatine dissolved in cold water. Add nut meats. Set on ice until mixture begins to harden. Beat until frothy, fold in the whipped cream and whites of eggs and set away to harden.—Mrs. R. Albrecht.

Cream Sponge.

Soak 2 teaspoons of gelatine in cold water. Take juice of 1 orange and ½ lemon. Beat 2 eggs with ½ cup sugar, add this to the juice then the gelatine to which has been added less