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At All Times—Under All Conditions—At All Costs

Conquer By Love and Self-Sacrifice.

The Soul of India cannot be silent nor the Spirit of Freedom denied its mainfold miracles of self-fulfilment.

The road to Swaraj is fast becoming a pilgrimage of Joyous suffering and sacrifice, and the prisons of India the true temples of Indian liberty.

The ever-lengthening story of the arrests and imprisonment of our brave leaders and fellow-workers every were, the poignant courage of their farewell messages, the noble gesture of their victorious martyrdom form a thrilling and immortal chapter in the annals of our national struggle and achievement.

But not less splendid nor less worthy of our tribute is the attitude of proud serenity and self-restraint on the part of the people of the stricken Provinces in the face of such a blind and bitter fury of shameless repression and tyranny.

It is alike our duty and our previlege in this great city to consecrate all our time and thought, our energies and activities to the fur-