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BOOKS FOE THE YOUNG. SNAP: a Legend of the Lone Mountain. By C. PHILLIPPS- WOLLEY, Author of ' Sport in the Crimea and Caucasus ' &c. With 13 Illustrations by H. G. WlLLlNK. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 6s. ' ' Oh ! to be a boy again ! " to revel as was our wont in stnries of this sort. It is impossible to conceive a more delightful book for boys than "Suap." ' WHITEHALL RKVIKW-. ' Many an "old boy" of fifty will peruse this chronicle of moving accident by flood and field with as keen a relish as his grandson, and with perhaps keener appreciation of the manly style in which it is written.' PALL MALL GAZETTE. ' The special gift for writing books for boys is a rare one, and Mr. Phillipps-Wollpy is to be highly congratulated on his possession of it. " Snap" is an admirable boy's b iok, interesting ami invigorating throughout. . . . A book which should please everyone and delight boys. It should come as a boon and a blessing to fathers, uncles, and god- parents.' SATURDAY REVIEW. HURSTLEIGH DENE. By Mrs. O'REILLY, Aulhor of 'Sussex Stories '&c. With Illustrations by M. ELLEN EDWARDS. Crown 8vo. 5s. ' A very charming story. It never flags in interest .... and with its pretty binding and really good illustrations is a delightful book for girls.' SCOTSMAN. WILL 0' THE WISP: a Story. By Mrs. HUGH BELL. Illustrated by E. L. SHUTE. Crown 8vo. 3*. Gti. The story is bright and wholesome two excellent features in books for the young and. moreover, it is nicely illustrated.' Conirr JOURNAL. "Will o' the Wisp" is a fa cinating little scaramouch, whose daring deed-* will endear him to the child readers ot this attractive little book.' AT HEX JiL'M. RIDERS LEAP : a Story for Boys. By the Rev. FREDERICK LAXGBRIDGE, Author of ' Mysteriously Missing,' ' Peacock Alley,' &c. With Illustrations by W. B. WOLLEN. Crown 8vo. 5,v. ' A very well written book, containing a capital story. The interest of the taleis admirably kept up, and the incidents are interesting and" numerous, and the characters are drawn with a care and completeness very rare in boys' books.' STANDARD. THE WHITE MAN'S FOOT. By GRANT ALLEN. With Illustrations by J. FINXEMORE. 8vo. 5s. ' A singular and altogether exceptional tale, breaking entirely new ground. This story, although dealing with wonders, possesses the charm of probability. It is very well written, and the only regret of readers will be that it is not double its actual length.' STANDARD. ' A thrilling story. Mr. Grant Allen has never done better in the way of story-telling than in this persuasively-told and dramatic narrative.' SATURDAY REVIEW. B B