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Malintzi 145–150
Her birthplace, 145—The little duchess is made a slave, 145—Life in Tabasco, 146—Arrival of Cortés, 146—Treaty of alliance, 146—The heiress—slave becomes a Christian, 146—Marina or Malinche, 146—A new interpreter, 147—A beautiful picture, 147—Splendid gifts, 148—Malintzi's beauty, 149; her devotion to Cortés, 149; its result, 149.
Tlaxcalla 151–157
An isolated province, 151—Exaggerated reports, 151—Efforts for the friendship of the Tlaxcallans, 152—A trap for the Spaniards, 152—A battle, 152—Defeat of the Tlaxcallans, 153—Peace concluded, 153—Christianity introduced 153—Cholula, 154—Slaughter of the Cholultecas 154—Alliance with Ixtlilxochitl, 154—Cacamatzin imprisoned, 155—Cortés reaches Mexico, 156—Cortés and Montezuma, 157—A lesson and a vow, 157.
La Noche Triste 158–165
Overtures of friendship, 158—Bold measures, 159—Montezuma in the power of the Spaniards, 159—A rival in the field, 159—Alvarado. 160—The feast of Huitzilopochtli, 160—The Spaniards in danger, 160—Death of Montezuma 161—Mexican traditions, 162—Cortés abandons the city 163—A desperate struggle, 163—La Noche Triste, 164—The scene of the battle, 164; the losses, 165.
Conquest 166–179
An interval of peace, 166—The new emperor, 166—A legacy of the Spaniards, 167—Cortés in extremis, 167—The Aztec army, 168—Battle at Otumba, 170—The Spaniards victorious, 170—Preparations for defence, 171—The Spaniards in Tlaxcalla, 171—Ixtlilxochitl, 171—Cortés at Texcuco, 172—A new army and a new fleet, 172—The campaign against Mexico, 173—Suffering in the city, 174—