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Panorama of Puebla 269
Indian Hut in the Tierra Caliente 283
Cathedral, City of Mexico 289
The Viga 293
Valley of Mexico 303
Monterey, Mexico 315
General Taylor 317
General Scott 325
Siege of Vera Cruz 329
Battle of Molino del Rey 335
Storming of Chapultepec 337
Benito Juarez 343
Archduke Maximilian[1] 351
San Luis Potosi 359
Chapultepec in the Time of Maximilian 361
Head-quarters of Juarez at San Luis de Potosi 379
The Convent of Capuchinas 381
Zapotec Ornament 393
Image of a Zapotec Chief 394
President Porfirio Diaz 397
Aqueduct in the City of Mexico 410

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  1. From The Fall of Maximilian's Empire By permission the author, Seaton Schroeder, Lieut. U.S.N. For a number of these illustrations the publishers are indebted to the courtesy of Messrs. Hochette & Co., publishers of "Le Voyage au Mexique," by Jules Leclercq.