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142 MEATS.


OVER the bottom of an earthen baking-dish place a layer of bread crumbs, and over it alternate layers of cold roast mutton cut in thin slices, and tomatoes peeled and sliced ; season each with salt, pepper and bits of butter, as laid in. The top layer should be of tomatoes, spread over with bread crumbs. Bake three-quarters of an hour, and serve immediately.


LAMB sweetbreads are not always procurable, but a stroll through the markets occasionally reveals a small lot of them, which can in- variably be had at a low price, owing to their excellence being recog- nized by but few buyers. Wash them well in salted water and par- boil fifteen minutes ; when cool, trim neatly and put them in a pan with just butter enough to prevent their burning; toss them about until a delicate color; season with salt and pepper and serve, sur- rounded with tomato sauce. (See SAUCES.)


PROCURE a nice hind-quarter, remove some of the fat that is around the kidney, skewer the lower joint up to the fillet, place it in a moderate oven, let it heat through slowly, then dredge it with salt and flour ; quicken the fire, put half a pint of water into the dripping- pan, with a teaspoonful of salt. With this liquor baste the meat oc- casionally; serve with lettuce, green peas and mint sauce.

A quarter of lamb weighing seven or eight pounds will require two hours to roast.

A breast of lamb roasted is very sweet and is considered by many as preferable to hind-quarter. It requires nearly as long a time to roast as the quarter, and should be served in the same manner.

Make the gravy from the drippings, thickened with flour.

The mint sauce is made as follows : Take fresh, young spearmint leaves stripped from stems ; wash and drain them or dry on a cloth, chop very fine, put in a gravy tureen, and to three tablespoonfuls of mint add two of finely powdered cut-loaf sugar ; mix, and let it stand a few minutes, then pour over it six tablespoonfuls good cider or white- wine vinegar. The sauce should be made some time before din- ner, so that the flavor of the mint may be well extracted.

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