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I. The Next Time By Henry James Page 11
II. Earth's Complines   Charles G. D. Roberts 60
III. Tirala-tirala   Henry Harland 65
IV. The Golden Touch   Rosamund Marriott Watson 77
V. Long Odds   Kenneth Grahame 78
VI. A Letter Home   Enoch Arnold Bennett 93
VII. The Captain's Book   George Egerton 103
VIII. A Song   Dollie Radford 121
IX. A New Poster   Evelyn Sharp 123
X. An Appreciation of Ouida   G. S. Street 167
XI. Justice   Richard Garnett, LL.D., C.B. 177
XII. Lilla   Prince Bojidar Karageorgevitch 178
XIII. In an American Newspaper office   Charles Miner Thompson 187
XIV. A Madrigal   Olive Custance 215
XV. The Dead Wall   H. B. Marriott Watson 221
XVI. Mars   Rose Haig Thomas 249
XVII. The Auction Room of Letters   Arthur Waugh 257
XVIII. The Crimson Weaver   R. Murray Gilchrist 269
XIX. The Digger   Edgar Prestage 283
XX. A Pen-and-ink Effect   Frances E. Huntley 286
XXI. Consolation   J. A. Blaikie 295
XXII. A Beautiful Accident   Stanley V. Makower 297
XXIII. Four Prose Fancies   Richard Le Gallienne 307
XXIV. Two Letters to a Friend   Theodore Watts 333