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and the Bletherwitch


He stood his baby on its head, and played at shuttlecock,
And then he rocked himself to sleep with cakes of almond-rock.
O my! he was a sniggadee!
He went to bed at one o’clock and rose at half-past three.

Now once they gave a party, and sweet Cinderella came
With Blue Beard and Red Riding Hood and little What’s-His-Name;
And Nelly Bly who winked her eye and Greedy Tommy Stout,
Bo-Peep and Tam O’Shanter, and likewise Colin Clout.

O my! it was a jolly spree!
Ev’ry one from Fairy Land and Fiddle Faddle Fee,
And Mary brought her Little Lamb, from which they all had chops,