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The Zankiwank

And Love lies dreaming in idleness
To gain its own Heart’s-Ease;
The Zephyrs breathe with shy caress,
Each youthful breast to please.

   Love is born of the Lily and Rose,
    Love in a garden springs;
   With maidens pure and bright it grows,
    And for all hearts it sings.

How delicious and soothing Shadow Land was! Shadow Land! The Land of Yesterday, To-Day and To-morrow. The Land of Hope, and Joy and Peace. The two children wandered off, as it were, into a dream for a time, and when they gazed again, the garden was more delightful than ever—a joyous blend of Spring and Summer seemed to invade the grounds, while many of the flowers and trees showed slight signs of Autumn tinting. In one corner of the garden a magnificent marble and bronze fountain unexpectedly sprang up through the ground and played unceasingly to the ethereal skies. Merry children danced and played around