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The Zankiwank

word that she could never fully comprehend the meaning.

Willie was silent too, like his sister, and seeing them deep in thought, King Æsop waved a little wand he had in his hand, and all the Birds and Beasts and Fishes joined hands and paws, and fins and wings, and danced in a circle singing to the music of a quantity of piping birds in the trees:—

If you want to be merry and wise,
You must all be as bright as you can,
  You never must quarrel,
  Or spoil a right moral,
But live on a regular plan.
You must read, write and arith-metise,
Or you’ll never grow up to be good;
  And you mustn’t say “Won’t,”
  Or “I shan’t” and “I don’t,”
Or disturb the Indicative Mood.

  So round about the Knowledge Tree,
   Each boy and girl must go,