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and the Bletherwitch


  To learn in school the golden rule,
   And Duty’s line to toe!

If you want to be clever and smart,
You must also be ready for play,
  And don’t be too subtle
  When batting your shuttle,
But sport in a frolicsome way.
With bat and with ball take your part,
Or with little doll perched on your knee,
  You sing all the time,
  To a nursery rhyme,
Before you go in to your tea!

  So round about the Sunset Tree
   Each boy and girl should go
  To play a game of—What’s its name?
   That is each game—you know!

After merrily joining in this very original song, with dancing accompaniment, Maude and Willie thanked King Æsop for permitting his animals to entertain them.

“Always glad to please good little boys and