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and the Bletherwitch


spectable person, though he always contrives to beat us.”

Both children would have liked to argue out this speech of the Zankiwank because it puzzled them, and they felt it would not parse properly. However, as just at that moment the Elfin Orchestra appeared, they sat on the grass and listened:—

The Elfin Dawn.

This is the Elfin Dawn,
When ev’ry Fay and Faun,
Trips o’er the earth with joy and mirth,
And Pleasure takes the maun.
Night’s noon stars coyly peep,
Over dale and dene and deep,
And Fairies fair float through the air,
Love’s festival to keep.

  We dance and sing in the Welkin Ring,
  While Heather Bells go Ding-dong-ding!
   To greet the Elfin Dawn.