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The Zankiwank

   And the Iris and Crocus shall sing us
and joke us
    Some humorous things sedate.

“That’s all very well,” exclaimed the Zankiwank. “Roses are always delightful, especially the Cabbage Roses, because you can eat them for breakfast, but every rose has its drawback … Ho! and it’s thorn,” he added, dancing with pain, for at that moment several rose bushes he was passing by gave him a good pricking.

“Ah!” said Queen Titania, “that is not the way to look at the beautiful things of life. It is because the thorns have roses that we should be thankful, and not find fault because the roses have thorns.”

“That is a sentiment that I can endorse—it is a true bill, and almost as good as one of my own,” replied Robin Goodfellow saucily; “and now let us wander through the Florange grove and gather some Moranges and Lemons.”

Neither Maude nor Willie had heard of Floranges or Moranges, and wondered what sort of fruit