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In the same place, when nature wore
The same celestial glow,
I'm sure I've seen these forms before
But many springs ago;

But only he had locks of light
And she had raven hair;
While now, his curls are dark as night
And hers as morning fair.

Besides, I've dreamt of tears whose traces
Will never more depart;
Of agony that fast effaces
The verdure of the heart.

I dreamt one sunny day like this,
In this peerless month of May,
I saw her give th' unanswered kiss
As his spirit passed away.

Those young eyes that so sweetly shine
Then looked their last adieu,
And pale death changed that cheek divine
To his unchanging hue.

And earth was cast above the breast
That once beat warm and true,
Where her heart found a living rest
That moved responsively.