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We both were scorned, both sternly driven
To shelter 'neath a foreign heaven;
And darkens o'er that dreary time
A wildering dream of frenzied crime.

'I would not now those days recall;
The oath within that caverned hall,
And its fulfilment; these you know,
We both together struck the blow;
But you can never know the pain
That my lost heart did then sustain,
When, severed wide by guiltless gore,
I felt that one could live no more!
Back maddening thought! the grave is deep
Where my Amedeus lies asleep,
And I have long forgot to weep.

'Now hear me; in these regions wild
I saw to-day my enemy.
Unarmed, as helpless as a child,
She slumbered on a sunny lea;
Two friends; no other guard had she;
And they were wandering on the braes;
And chasing, in regardless glee,
The wild goat o'er his dangerous ways.

'My hand was raised, my knife was bare;
With stealthy tread I stole along,
But a wild bird sprang from his hidden lair,
And woke her with a sudden song;