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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 167 with us ; all of whom discovered much grief at what had befallen us, and endeavored to console me,* saying that they had often told me the people of Culua were traitors, and that I should be on my guard against them, not trusting their professions ; that I ought to rejoice in having escaped with life ; and that they would assist me to the death in obtaining satisfaction for the wrongs we had suffered; to this course they said they were impelled not only by their allegiance to your Highness, but also from grief for the loss of many sons and brothers who had perished in my service, and from a sense of many other injuries that they had suffered from the same quarter in times past ; and they assured me that I might rely on their proving sure and fast friends to me until death. They added, that since I had returned wounded, and all my company were worn down with toil, we should go to a city four leagues from this town, where we might obtain repose, and they would strive to cure our wounds and recover us from the effects of our fatigue and exhaustion. I expressed myself pleased with their offer and ac- cepted it, making them presents of some little jewels that we had saved, with which they were well satisfied ; and I accompanied them to the city, where we found a good reception. Magiscacin brought me a bed encased in wood, together with some cotton cloth for me to sleep on, as we had brought none, and he did all in his power with the means he possessed to repair all our losses. I had left in this city, when on my march to Temixtitan, several sick persons and some of my servants, with silver, cotton clothing, and other domestic articles, including provisions,

  • This proof of fidelity and a sense of honor in these states is worthy of praise,

especially considering the situation of Cortes, himself wounded, his men dis- comfited, poor, and perishing with hunger. — L.