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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 73 CHAPTER IV. I SPOKE to the envoys of Muteczuma who were with me concerning the treachery that had been prac- tised in Cholula, and said I had been informed by the leaders that it was done through the advice of Mu- teczuma ; but that it did not appear to me it could have been the act of so great a sovereign as he was, to send his messengers and noble persons to me, declaring that he was my friend, as he had done, and at the same time seeking means to attack me through others, in order that he might avoid censure in case the design did not suc- ceed. But since it was so, and he did not keep his word, nor adhere to the truth, I told them I should change my own purpose ; that until then it had been my intention to visit his country as a friend, to see and talk with him, and hold much peaceful intercourse with him ; but that now I should enter his dominions in the guise of war, doing all the injury that was in my power, as an enemy ; that I was sorry to adopt this course, as I preferred to have his friendship, and to take counsel of him in what- ever I had to do in this land. The envoys replied, that they had now been with me a long time, and that they had known nothing of any such understanding with the Cho- lulans, more than had been declared in that city since its submission, and they could not believe that it had taken place by the advice or command of Muteczuma ; and they entreated that before I renounced his friendship and made war upon him, I would inform myself of the truth, .and suffer one of their number to go and confer with him,