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really died of stone. He did not know much about the insurrection; but wrote to his brother, Prince John, that he must use every means to pacify the people before he resorted to arms.

His was a Christ-like and blessed death.

The signs of his death were a rainbow which Philip and I saw one night last winter over the Lochau, and a child was born here in Wittenberg without a head.

I herewith commit you to God, and greet your vine (Hansreben ) with her fruit (Trauben ). Also comfort Christofel Meinhardt, and beg him to suffer the will of God, which can only promote our highest welfare, although we are not yet aware of it. Now is the time to keep quiet and let God act, and soon we shall see peace.




Luther’s marriage had really taken place on 13th June. He now invites Spalatin to the wedding feast.

June 16.

Grace and peace! Do not forget, dear Spalatin, that my marriage will be on Wednesday, and the great banquet at mid-day. Therefore see that the game does not arrive too late, but let us have it in time, by tomorrow evening, if possible.

For I wish the whole entertainment to be over in one day. I write this to you, for L. Koppe did not gather from my letter that you were not in the same position. Farewell. MARTIN LUTHER .



It was Koppe who rescued the nine nuns from the cloister near Grimma, among whom was Katherine von Bora.

June 17, 1525.

Grace and peace in Christ! I wish you to read this very depressing letter, honored sir, to see if you know