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that the Emperor entered the town on June 15. May Christ give His blessing thereto! Let us pray without ceasing.

The Lord Jesus still lives and reigns. By the grace of God and your petitions I am pretty well, although Satan troubles me with a buzzing in my ears, but in spite of this I have put Jeremiah into German. Now I shall begin Ezekiel, but first of all must send a few things for our poor printers, among them my “Confitemini,” which I shall finish in two days. Greet my dearest Herr Hausmann, and say I shall answer his letter very soon. MARTIN LUTHER .



Luther thanks him for looking after his son.

June 19, 1530.

Grace and peace! I have received two letters from you, my beloved Hieronymus, two charming letters, the second of which was the most delightful, in which you speak of my son Hans as his pedagogue, and he your diligent pupil.

God grant I may some day be able to requite you for this. May Christ make up for my shortcomings!

Magister Veit tells me that at times you are a prey to a spirit of melancholy — a temptation which is most prejudicial to the young. The Scripture says: “A broken spirit drieth the bones.” And the Holy Spirit, in various parts of the Bible, bids us try to banish these forebodings. In Ecclesiastes we read, “Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth.” “Therefore remove sorrow from thy heart,” etc.

A joyful heart is life to a man, and an unceasing fountain of health, and prolongs his years. Many have allowed themselves to be consumed of grief, and it has been of no avail. But be sure that these black thoughts proceed from the devil, for God is not a God of sadness, but of consolation and joy.

Is not joy in the Lord real life? So drive away such thoughts. The struggle is hard to begin with, but it gradually becomes easier; and