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May the Lord guide and maintain you. Amen. From the desert. MARTIN LUTHER . (Schutze.)



Luther relates the course of negotiations since the Prince left.

September 23, 1530.

Grace and peace! As you wish to hear all that has taken place in Augsburg since the Prince’s departure, dear Nicolas, I shall briefly relate everything.

You know that certain umpires have been chosen to deliberate over unity of doctrine and peace, and Herr Philip is among them. But as they could not agree they again referred the matter to the Emperor, and now await his decision, although in the last letter they said the way was being paved for an agreement.

In our former peace negotiations our opponents demanded we should permit private masses, retain both canons with the glossary, and the word sacrifice, etc., and call it an open question whether one takes the sacrament under both kinds or not, and allow the married monks to leave their wives and return to the cloister, and cease being considered married men. If we concede these, then they will tolerate the sacrament in both kinds, and acknowledge the wives for the sake of the children till a future council.

You here see Satan’s presumption, dear Nicolas, in making such disgraceful proposals to those whom he leads captive at his will.

But our people have not yielded, although they have offered to restore the jurisdiction to the bishops if they will permit the preaching, and do away with the abuses and some of the fast days. But nothing has yet been done.

As I write, letters have come from the dear Elector saying the Emperor permits him to leave today. The Emperor Charles is a Christian who seeks to establish peace and unity, but whether he may be able to do so I know not, as he is surrounded by so many masked devils (devils in disguise).


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