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In consequence of Ferdinand’s election as King of Rome, and the news that Charles V. was collecting troops in Brabant, the Schmalkald league was formed by Hesse and Saxony, with the support of King Frederick of Denmark, for the protection of Protestantism.



Luther sends them a preacher.

January 11, 1531.

To the honored Mayor and Council of Gottingen. Grace and peace in Christ! I herewith send the preacher of whom I wrote lately, Herr Birnstiel, and although he may not be master of the Saxon tongue, still I trust he may please, as in Brunswick the North German dialect satisfies them in the pulpit. The other licentiate, Basilius, will soon follow. He cannot sell his glebe, implements, and cattle so hurriedly, hence the delay. The clergy are becoming scarce (dunne ) here. The harvest is great and the laborers few, so they must be treated accordingly. I trust your Excellencies will find them learned and capable men. Herr Basil speaks both good Saxon and North German, so I confidently recommend them. Pray provide them with money for the journey. Meantime I bade them borrow. God grant they may bring forth much fruit, to the honor of His name and your salvation. Amen. MARTIN LUTHER .




About the Sacramentarians (Zwinglians).

January 21, 1531.

Honored in the Lord, grace and peace! It is hardly necessary for me to write, as Jonas, a living epistle, is starting for you. From him you can hear what is taking place here and elsewhere. The Sacramentarians