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their third power by the introduction of the terrible, as in the one complete and pure example which we have, — the "Turandot" of the incomparable Gozzi; a work passionately admired, translated, produced and rendered famous in Germany by Schiller; a work which has for a century been regarded as a classic by all the world, although it remains little known in France.

The effect of B (2) is strengthened and augmented in cases in which the hero is subjected to the following:

C (1) — Temptations Offered With the Object of Discovering His Name.

(2) — Temptations Offered With the Object of Ascertaining the Sex: — "The Scyrian Women" of Sophocles and of Euripides.

(3) — Tests For the Purpose of Ascertaining the Mental Condition: — "Ulysses Furens" of Sophocles; "The Palamedes" of Aeschylus and of Euripides (according to the themes attributed to these lost works). Examinations of criminals by alienists.