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Situation XXVI) : — Euripides' "Phenix;" (a concubine is here the object of rivalry) ; Schiller's "Don Carlos;" Alfieri's "Philip II."

(4) — Rivalry of Mother and Daughter: — "L' Autre Danger" (Donnay, 1902).

C — Rivalry of Cousins: (which in reality falls into the following class): — "The Two Noble Kinsmen," by Beaumont and Fletcher.

D — Rivalry of Friends: — Shakespeare's "Two Gentlemen of Verona;" "Aimer sans Savoir Qui" by Lope de Vega; Lessing's "Damon;" "Le Coeur a ses Raisons" (de Flers and de Caillavet, 1902); "Une Femme Passa" (Coolus, 1910).