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(3)— The Same Sacrifice as 2, But Caused by Unjust Laws: — "La Loi de l'Homme" by Hervieu.

D (1) — Life and Honor Sacrificed for the Life of a Parent or Loved One: — "Le Petit Jacques." Case in which the loved one is guilty: "La Charbonnière" (Cremieux, 1884); "Le Frère d'Armes" (Garaud, 1887); "Le Chien de Garde" (Richepin, 1889). The Same Sacrifice Made for the Honor of a Loved One: — "Pierre Vaux" (Jonathan, 1882). A similar sacrifice, but of reputation only: "La Cornette" (Mlle. and M. Ferrier, 1909).

(2) — Modesty Sacrificed for the Life of a Relative or a Loved One: — Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure;" Euripides' "Andromache" and also Racine's; "Pertharite" by Corneille; "La Tosca" (Sardou, 1889). In fiction: "Le Huron" by Voltaire.