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Three Books of Occult Philosophy - Woodcut 7.png

To the Revernd Father in Chriſt, and moſt Illuſtrious Prince, Hermannus, Earl of Wyda, by the Grace of God Archbiſhop of the holy Church of Colonia, Prince Elector of the holy Romane Empire, and Chief Chancellor through Italy, Duke of Weſtphalia, and Angaria, and deſcended of the Legate of the holy Church of Rome, one of the Vicar Generals Court, Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Netteſ-heym, ſendeth greeting.

SUch is the greatneſs of your renowned fame (moſt reverend, and Illuſtrious Prince) ſuch is the greatneſs of your vertues, and ſplendor of learning, and frequent exerciſe of the beſt learning, and grave oration, with ſolid prudence, and elegant readines of ſpeaking, knowledge of many things, conſtant Religion, and commend-