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Book I.

influences; in it are contained the ſeeds, and Seminall vertues of all things; and therefore it is ſaid to be Animall, Vegetable, and Minerall. It being made fruitfull by the other Elements, and the Heavens, brings forth all things of it ſelf; It receives the abundance of all things, and is, as it were the firſt fountain, from whence all things ſpring, it is the Center, foundation, and mother of all things. Take as much of it as you pleaſe, ſeperated, waſhed, depurated, ſubtilized, if you let it lye in the open Aire a little while, it will, being full, and abounding with Heavenly vertues, of it ſelf bring forth Plants, Worms, and other living things, alſo Stones, and bright ſparks of Metals. In it are great ſecrets, if at any time it ſhall be purified by the help of Fire, and reduced unto its ſimplicity by a convenient waſhing. It is the firſt matter of our Creation, and the trueſt Medicine that can reſtore, and preſerve us.


Of the wonderfull Natures of Water, Aire, and Winds.

THe other two Elements, viz. Water, and Aire, are not leſs efficacious then the former; neither is nature wanting to work wonderfull things in them. There is ſo great a neceſſity of Water, that without it no living thing can live. No Hearb, nor Plant whatſoever, without the moiſtening of Water can branch forth. In it is the Seminary vertue of all things, eſpecially of Animals, whoſe ſeed is manifeſtly wateriſh. The ſeeds alſo of Trees, and Plants, although they are earthy, muſt notwithſtanding of neceſſity be rotted in Water, before they can be fruitfull; whether they be imbibed with the moiſture of the Earth; or with Dew, or Rain, or any other Water that is on purpoſe put to them. For Moſes writes, that only Earth, and Water bring forth a living ſoul. But he aſcribes a twofold production of things to Water, viz. of things ſwimming in the Waters, and of things flying in the Aire