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did break forth somewhere out of the mouth of the cave, where she sitting in the entrance upon a brazen three footed stool dedicated to a diety, was divinely inspired, and did utter prophecyings; or a great fire flying out of the cave did cirround this prophetess, stirring her up, being filled with a diety, to prophesie, which inspiration also she received as she sate upon a consecrated seat, breaking forth prently into predictions. Moreover there was a prophetess in Branchi which sate upon an extree, and either held a wand in her hand, given to her by some diety, or washed her feet, and sometimes the hem of her garment in the waters, or drew the vapour of fire from the waters. By all these she was filled with divine splendour, and did unfold many Oracles. We also read that in the country of Thracia there was a certain passage consecrated to Bacchas, from whence predictions, and Oracles were wont to be given: the Priors of whose temples having drank wine abundantly did do strange things. Amongst the Clarians also, where the temple of Clarius Apollo was, to whom