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Mr. Webster on the Strata lying over the Chalk.
Pecten, several species.
Terebratula, many species.
A longitudinal transversely rugose ostrea-form bivalve of a fibrous structure.
Fragments of mother fibrous shell of a large size, of an unknown genus. See Hark. Organic Rem. pL 5. fig. 3.
Alcyonia, sponges, and numerous unknown zoophytes.
A ramose madrepore.
Several species of minute encrini, figured by Mr. Parkinson.
In the Chalk without Flints.
Echini: several of the same families as those in the chalk with flints. Many of them, however, particularly the Cassides, differing much in their forms from the above.
Spines of echini: and particularly those described by M. Braard as resembling the belemnite.
Serpulæ, several species.
Fish, too much mutilated to ascertain the genus.
Palates, scales, vertebræ and teeth of fish.
In the Chalk Marl.[1]
Ammonites: the contour of the spiral varying from the circular to the long-elliptical.
  1. On the authority of Mr. Parkinson I notice that the supposition of having discovered a specimen of Trigonia in chalk is erroneous. This belongs only to inferior strata.