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Organic remains in the Lower Marine formation above the Chalk in England.

Names given by Lamarck.

Linnean names. Place where they have been found.
Astriotæ Astroitæ Sheppey
Calyptrea trochiformis Trochus apertus, Brander Hordwell, Bognor, Woolwich, Plumstead
Conus Conus Hordwell, Stubbington
Cyprea pediculus Cyprea pediculus Stubbington, Highgate
Terebellum convolutum Bulla sopita, Brand. Hordwell
Oliva Voluta Alum-bay
Voluta spinosa Strombus spinosus Alum-bay
──── musicalis ──── luctator Hordwell
──── bicorona ──── ambiguus Hordwell
──── crenulata Murex suspensus Hordwell, Alum-bay
Voluta ampullaria Brentford, Alum-bay
Buccinum undatum Alum-bay
Harpa Brentford
Cassis carinata Buccinum nodosum, Bran. Stubbington, Highgate
Rostellaria macroptera Strombus amplus Hordwell, Highgate
Murex tripterus Murex tripetrus Hordwell
──── tricarinatus ──── asper Hordwell
──── tubifer ──── pungens Hordwell
──── contrarius
──── whirls the right way
Fusus longævus ──── longævus Hordwell
──── clavellatus ──── deformis Hordwell
──── rugosus ──── porrectus Hordwell
Pyrula nexilis ──── nexilis Hordwell
Pleurotoma? Alum-bay
Cerithium gigantum Murex Stubbington
Cerithium, another variety, but too mutilated to ascertain the species Murex Sheppey
Trochus agglutinans Trochus umbilicaris, Bran. Stubbington, Hordwell
──── monilifer ──── nodolusus Hardwell
Solarium caniculatum or Turbo, tab. 1. fig. 7 & 8. Brander Hordwell
Delphinula? Turbo, tab. 1. fig. 7. Brand. Hordwell
Turritella terebellata Turbo terebra Hordwell, Stubbington, Alum-bay, Selsea
──── imbricatoria ──── editus Hordwell, Stubbington, Alum-bay, Selsea
──── multisulcata ──── vagus Hordwell, Stubbington, Alum-bay, Selsea
Ampullaria patula Helix mutabilis Hordwell, Stubbington, Bognor