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Organic Impressions, a remarkable class of, in Flint 328
Paris, Basin of Description of the 161
Parkinson, Mr. J. Observations on some Specimens of Hippurite, from Sicily 277
Peak of Teneriffe, Height of the 286
─────────── Description of an ascent to the top of the 291
Pebbles of the London Gravel 232
───────────────── Concentric 233
Phillips, Mr. W. On the Veins of Cornwall 110
────────── A Description of the Oxyd of Tin 336
Plasma, supposed to exist in the Island of Rum 407
───── probably owes its colour to Chlorite 513
Plastic Clay of the South of England 185
─────── of the Paris Basin 200
Pleasure Copper Mine, Description of 149
Plumstead, Fossils at 223
Plumbago, a substance resembling, obtained by artificial means 24
Portland Stone, Fossil Alcyonia in the 383
Porphyry, Objections to the term as commonly used 424
Portsoy, on the Granite Veins at 432
Portsmouth, Strata under 189
Prase, a variety of, found in the island of Rona 392
Prince George Copper Mine, Description of 148
Purbeck, Isle of, Freshwater Formation of the 166
Quadrupeds, Fossil Bones of, in the South of England 244
Quartz, granular, called Grey Weathers 224
Quartz Rock, found in Scotland, and on the Nature and Connexion of this Rock in general 450
─────── its principal modifications 453480
─────── is a mechanical deposit 455482
─────── lies under primitive rocks 456
─────── alternates with primitive rocks, 468470486
─────── peculiar appearance of the mountains composed of 468
─────── of Assynt 458
─────── of Schihallien 466
─────── of the District of Mar 471

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