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Quartz Rock of the District of Appin 473
───────────────── Arisaig 473
─────── of the Island of Sky 473
─────── of Tyndrum, containing galena 479
─────── Schistose, in the group of mountains called Ben-na-Vear, Argylleshire 475
Reading, Strata at 198
Rock-Salt, the Brine Springs at Droitwich derived from 98
Rona, Island of, Mineralogical Observations on the 391
Rotherhithe, Strata at 197
Rum, Island ol, Mineralogical Observations on the 401
Rutile, found near Killin 437
Ryegate Fire Stone, Description of the 166
St. David's, On the Mineralogy of the neighbourhood of 79
Sand, White, of Alum Bay 185
────Green, over the Chalk 187
──── Vitrified, supposed to be the effect of lightning 531
Sandstone, Old Red, the Droitwich Brine Springs occur in the 95
──────────── cuts off the Coal Measures at Bradford 283
─────── under the Chalk in the South of England 166
─────── over the Chalk in the South of England 227
Sappare, found at Boharm 430
Schihallien, Mountain of, Rocks composing the 466
Septaria in the London Clay 187
Sheppey, Isle of, Description of the 192
Shiant Isles, Description of the 394
Silica, on the sublimation of 275
────Appearances of a partial solution of, on the Surface of some Rocks 392
Silicified Wood, in the Island of Egg 408
Sky, Island of, Quartz Rock in the 473
Slaty Rock, peculiar kind of, near St. David's 7985
South Downs, Hills composing the 171
Springs, Temperature of, in the Isle of Man 60
Staffa, Remarks on 501