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Journey over Lamalmon to Gaidar.

IT was on account of thefe delays that we did not leave Ad- dergey till near ten o'clock in the forenoon of the 4th of February. We continued our journey along the fide of a hill, through thick wood and high grafs ; then descended into a deep, narrow valley, the fides of which had been Ihaded with high trees, but in burning the grafs the trees were confumed likewife ; and the fhoots from the roots were fome of them above eight feet high fince the tree had thus fufFered that fame year. The river Angueah runs through the middle of this valley ; after receiving the fmall ftreams, before mentioned, it makes its way into the Tacazze. It is a very clear, fwift-running river, fomething lefs than the Bowiha.

When we had jufl reached the river- fide, we faw the Shum coming from the right hand acrofs us. There were