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Battle of Banja — Con/piracy agalnjl Michael— The Author retires fr Emfras — Defcription ofGoitdar y Emfras, and Lake Ti-ana.

AFTER Fafil's defeat atFagkta, and the affront he recei- ved at Affoa in the heart of his own country, he had continued his route to Bure, a diltricT^of the Agows, where was his conftant refidence. After this he had crofted the. Nile into the country of Bizamo, and Boro de Gago had ta- ken up his refidence at Bare, when Michael returned to Gondar ; but no fooner had he heard of his arrival in thofe parts than lie marched with a number of horfe, and forced Ki& rival to. retire to Gojam.

The Agows were all loyalifls in their hearts, had been forced to join Fafd, but, immediately after his defeat, had de- clared for Michael. The firft thing, therefore, Falil did, when returned to Bare, was to attack the Agows on every hde ; a double advantage was furc to follow this vielory, the fa- miihing his enemies at Gondar, and converting i'o rich a. territory to his own ufe, by extirpating the Agows, and lay- ing