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Interview with Faftl—Tranfatlions in the Camp,

WE found Bamba a collection of villages, in a valley now filled with foldiers. We went to the left with our guide, and got a tolerable houfe, but the door had been carried away. Fafil's tent was pitched a little below us, larger than the others, but without further diftinction : it was eafily known, however, by the lights about it, and by the nagareet, which ftill continued beating : he was then juft alighting from his horfe. I immediately fent Ayto Aylo's fervant, whom I had with me, to prefent my compli- ments, and acquaint him of my being on the road to vifit him. I thought now all my difficulties were over : for I knew it was in his power to forward us to our journey's end ; and his fervants, whom I faw at the palace near the king, when Fafil was invefted with his command, had allu- red me, not only of an effectual protection, but alfo of a mag- nificent reception if I chanced to find him in Maitfha.