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1. King's palace and high walls surrounding it.
2. Ashoa, public place where the troops assemble, and gun-powder is sold, and where public executions are made,
3. Hamar Noh, Noah's Ark, a church.
4. A close quarter over a precipice on the West, to which the merchants carry their effects upon sudden revolutions, especially those that have flour and provisions.
5. Abbo, where the Romish priests were stoned and lye unburied.

6. Debra Berhan, famous church upon the highest part of the hill over the Angrab.
7. Riggobee Ber, or Pigeons Pass, a rocky part of the town, fortified in time of troubles.
8. Abbo, great street, called from the church and saint of that name.
9. Mahometan town on the river Kaha.
10. King's palace on the river Kaha.
11. Brook of St Raphael.
12. The river Angrab.

A The centre commanded by the king and Guebra Christos encamped on the South of the hill Serbraxos.
B Ras Michael, who leads the van, encamped upon the South-East, and highest part of the hill.
C Kefla Yasous, who commands the rear encamped upon the North-West.
D Ras Michael marching from his camp at Serbraxos, is stopt at the mouth of the valley, and engages Powussen and the troops of Begemder at E.
E The rebel troops of Begemder engaging Ras Michael.
F Ayto Engedan with a thousand men marches from the King's camp to reinforce Michael at the mouth of the valley.
G Powussen's camp at Correva.
H A reinforcement marches from Powussen's camp, and joins the rebels engaged with Michael at E.

I Ras Michael beat back into the valley, retires under cover of his musketry at K and L, which stop the rebels advancing.
M Kefla Yasous joins the king, marches to the head of the valley, wheels to the right, and faces to the westward.
N The king's horse upon the ford of the Mariam facing westward.
OO Two bodies of the king's musketry placed to defend the ford of the Mariam.
P Ayabdar's army encamped.
QQ Ayabdar's army marches from the camp, and halts a small distance from the king's horse at NN, but retreats to SS without attacking them. All but the Edjow Galla, who remain at T, and are all cut to pieces by the king's horse, and the musketry on the hill.