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The Author joins the Army at Mariam-Ohba — Reception there — Universal Terror on the Approach of the Army Several great Men of the Rebels apprehended and executed — Great Hardness of the King's Heart,

HAVING still some doubt about the propriety of going to Mariam-Ohha, till the king had taken post there, I appointed with Ayto Confu to meet him next morning, the 22d, in the plain below the church of Abbo, where is the pass called Semma Confu, the dangerous path, from its being always a place where banditti resort to rob passengers in unsettled times.

In my way through the town, though the day had scarce dawned, numbers of the king's servants, that had come from Tigre, flocked about me with great demonstrations of joy; and, by the time I got into the plain below Abba, I had already collected a strong party both of horse