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The brave young wife rode forth at the head of her whole garrison Frontispiece
The first great stone leapt from her hand and went bounding and crashing upon the head of the foremost Moor To face p.   8
The Commandant pulled her down beside him before it was too late "" 30
"Is the chest to be examined before it goes on board?" "" 48
With a beating heart Grizel tore open this bundle and looked at its contents "" 66
He stopped short on seeing the Countess ""125
Suddenly, close above her, the steps came to a dead stop ""145
Theresa forgot everything in the sight of the child's peril ""183
"Well, now, I did hear as young Charles Stuart himself was taken," answered the smith ""193
The men plunged down into the vault ""218
She set herself in their ranks, and went charging down the hill ""237
A wounded man half rose from the ground at their feet ""270
Bunyan looked down at her with rather a grim smile upon his face ""283
The Judge plucked his robe out of her detaining hand ""310
"Dare to come one step nearer, and I fire" ""335
"The first man that touches him I'll kill!" cried Jessy ""351