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look tired or washed out?" She turned a radiant face to Peter for investigation. "I am going to play to you presently, when you will see if I am without power."

"Power! Who said you were without that? You'd have power over the devil tonight."

"Or over my eccentric physician." She smiled at him. "Have you been behaving yourself prettily downstairs?"

"I haven't told him what I think of him, if that's what you mean!"

"Will you play first?" she asked him. Peter Kennedy was a genuine music lover, and he played well, very much better since Margaret Capel had come to Pineland. He sang also, but this accomplishment Margaret would never let him display. She had no use for a man's singing since James Capel had lured her with his love songs.

Gabriel was talking to his sister whilst Margaret and Peter had this little conversation. He was persuading her to an early retreat.

"Did you send my telegram to Mrs. Roope? I am sure I am getting better, I have been thinking so all the evening. She must have been treating me."

"I am sure, but are not the vibrations stronger between you if you are alone, if there is nothing to disturb your thoughts? ..." Even Gabriel Stanton could be disingenuous when the occasion demanded. She hesitated.