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explained about her digestion, the asparagus tops could not tempt her. A lobster mayonnaise was a fresh offence or disappointment. And she could not disguise her disapproval. After all she prided herself she did know something about housekeeping.

"I never give Gabriel eggs except for breakfast."

"I do hope I have not upset your liver." Margaret's eyes were full of laughter when she questioned him.

"In my young days, in my papa's house, nor for the matter of that in my uncle's either, did we ever have lobster salad except for a supper dish."

Gabriel suggested gently that the whole art of eating had altered in England.

"Cod and egg sauce," put in Margaret.

"Nectar and ambrosia."

"We never gave either of them," said poor hungry Anne.

Fortunately a spatchcock with mushrooms was produced, and the mousse of jambon, although it seemed "odd," was very light.

"Why didn't I have boiled mutton and rice pudding?" Margaret lamented in an aside to Gabriel when the omelette au rhum was most decisively declined. Cream cheese and gingerbread proved the last straw. Anne admitted it made her feel ill to see the others eat these in combination.