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"But it is so late. You would have to get anything from a chemist."

"No, I shouldn't. I've got my case."

"Your case!"

"Yes." He showed it to her, full of strange little bottles and unknown drugs. She showed interest, asking what was this or the other, then changing her mind suddenly:

"No, I won't try any experiments. I'll sleep, or I'll stay awake."

"You don't trust me?"

"Indeed I do, but I distrust drugs. Unless I am in pain, then I would take anything. Tell me, can you really always help me if I get into pain? Would you? At any risk?"

"At any risk to myself, not at any risk to you. But we won't talk of pain, it mustn't happen."

"But if it did?" she persisted.

"Don't fear, I couldn't see you in pain."

"Yet I've always heard and sometimes seen how callous doctors are."

"But I'm not only a doctor …"

"Hush! I thought we had agreed you were. My very good and concerned doctor. Now you really must go. Yes, you can come up in the morning."

"You will take your bromide? "

"If I need it. Good-night!"